About Us


We’re a team of Composers and Producers specialized in music for Television, Videogames and Cinema.

All the members of “Soundalike Music” have worked for years for Majors Production Library in Europe and United States, we’ve lot of credits of works done for Movies, Adv and Television.

We can realize brand new tracks and music according to all your needs (since we are based in Italy we can also provide typical italian vibes and tunes).
We’re not a Music Library and we’d like to work with Filmakers, Adv Agencies, Music Libraries and everyone who needs the right melody for its product.

CONTACT US at soundalikemusic@gmail.com

2012 “Attack of the Giant Vegetable Monsters” (Short Animated Film CA)
2012 “Tim” (Short Animated Film CA)
2012 “Brightside” (Documentary UK)
2011 “POE Poetry of Eerie” (Feature Movie IT)
2011 “Hyde’s Secret Nightmare” (Feature Movie IT)
2010 “Bloody Sin” (Feature Movie IT)
2010 “Tamburini” (Documentary IT)
2010 “The Museum of Wonders” (Feature Movie IT)
2010 “Butterfly Rising” (Feature Movie USA)
2009 “La Fano dei Cesari” (Documentary IT)
… and we worked (in some case still collaborating) with:

One comment on “About Us

  1. Hello: I was wondering if you work with soundalike vocalists as well or if you knew any organisation that does? I can do a faultless Alison Moyet vocal impression and have worked with one of her producers.

    Many thanks

    Rona Topaz

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